A project to accompany refugees by the DRK KV Schöneberg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin

We have set ourselves the goal of attracting Berliners to accompany a refugee or a refugee family, mainly from DRK housing, on their different ways into our society and to share the responsibility for this important process.


Integration means the actual socio-cultural reception of refugees into our society. It is more effective when our citizens assist a refugee or a refugee family to find their way in our society. In this way, both participation and human closeness occur, which are fundamental for the sense of well-being, motivation, and ultimately the mental health of the refugees. We pursue this goal regardless of a refugee’s origin or prospects, because every individual deserves attention and respect.


We are initially implementing ‘Yadan Blad’ with a focus on a relatively small radius of impact in the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin, thus establishing an exemplary structure that can be adopted in other areas. Open communication with the refugees about the possibilities and also the constraints of ‘Yadan Biad’ and the close cooperation with social workers and volunteer coordinators are of paramount importance.

Through targeted public relations, we create more awareness of the great importance that companionship has for the integration process and inspire people to participate in this type of program. These public relations include reporting in words and pictures to show that compassion can be profitable for both sides. This is established through an internet presence, all channels of social networks and seeks contact with any other media representatives.

We bring together companions that suit each other’s interests and personalities as often as possible. For this, we talk extensively with both sides and create a system that allows us to collect all relevant information and retrieve it as needed.

We always supervise the pairs that we mediate for at least six months in order to ensure security and positive experiences.

We are looking for close cooperation with like-minded sponsorship projects that may help us discover new horizons so we can benefit from each other and be more successful together.

We call on the art and culture professionals of Berlin to participate, strive for a campaign that includes familiar Berliner faces, and meet the challenge of integration with appropriate cultural solutions.

We also host cultural events that highlight the personal stories behind each and every refugee, as every story is important.

Core values:

responsible - encouraged – direct

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